Performing Arts and Flexibility – Treat your way to a 10/10 Performance.

Over the past 7 years MSK Therapy has been working with a lot of performers at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne. The main company we have been working very closely with is a company called Ballet Lorent who I … Read More

Back to Basics – What is a Muscle Knot and How Do We Get Them?

Most days in clinic clients always ask the question, what is a muscle knot and how does it happen. Here at MSK Therapy we are here to not only treat our clients but also to educate them also so they … Read More

Lower Back Pain, Burning Butt, Leg Pain and Burning Feet – Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome

Suffering from a dull ache, tingling, numbness, or weakness in the lower back, buttock, down the back of your leg or in your feet, then this is probably being caused from the Sciatic nerve being compressed from the surrounding tight muscles. … Read More

Sitting your way to pain!

Do you have a problem with your lower back? The majority of the time it is actually coming from your hip flexors. The 3 main muscles which work as a hip flexor are: The Psoas muscle The Iliac muscle The … Read More

Plantar Fasciitis – Think Hands on Treatment Before Injection

People come in to MSK Therapy each day suffering from foot pain and time and time again I hear clients say that they have been advised to get injections to help with the condition. At no means am I saying … Read More

Back pain, muscle spasm and the stop exercising myth!

Back pain can be a very painful and scary experience for people when it occurs. Naturally you straight away think the worst outcome, as your spine is where most of your daily load is carried through, it is your body’s … Read More